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Hundreds of hospitals and thousands of clinicians use Listrunner to securely collaborate on the care of over a half a million patients.

  • Always free for clinical teams

    Always free for clinical teams

    No credit card required and zero commitment. Free for teams of trainees and clinicians.

  • Safe to use with PHI

    Safe to use with PHI

    HIPAA compliant alternative to Google Drive, Evernote, Email and Text. PHI is encrypted end to end, securely stored and audited.

  • Get started in minutes

    Get started in minutes

    Switch immediately from Word or Excel. Forget managing document versions and collaborate from any device.

Clinical teams that work together
get more done and bring the joy back to medicine.

  • Safe and easy sign-out

    Your sign-out updated by the whole team throughout the day making your handoff fast and complete.

  • Smarter Rounding

    Faster and more effective rounds with a shared plan and task list.

  • On time & coordinated discharges

    Everyone is on the same page so nothing falls through the cracks.

“An excellent program for improving our patient handoff experience
and patient safety in a time efficient manner”

-DR D. Oquendo, MD

Finally everyone is on the same page.
Secure collaboration platform between clinical teams.

  • Easier huddles & interdiscplinary rounds

    A real-time and complete picture from your team to make the decisions you need.

  • Real-time billing

    Capture and share codes with your billing team securely in real-time as you round. Never miss an encounter or procedure.

  • Transparent patient flow

    Visibility on teams and patients - helping you identify bottlenecks and improve throughput.

Listrunner gives you everything you need to stay in sync,
hit deadlines, and reach your goals.

  • Use any device

    Use any device

    Available on the web and on our mobile iOS and Android apps. Check up on the patient list as easily as email. Multiple team members can update the list at the same time.

  • Print your lists

    Print your lists

    Format the printed list - select teams, page orientation, font size, even which columns to print. Get the entire list on to one page for handoff or print a more detailed rounding list with all the updates.

  • Robust offline mode

    Robust offline mode

    Works even when you lose connection. Updates are stored and synced automatically when you reconnect. Deadzones are not an issue. View and edit your patient list from any location, even the hospital basement.

  • Design your perfect patient list

    Design your perfect patient list

    Fully customizable lists for each team. Choose what is important for your team and what you want to share with other teams. Design your team's patient list on your own with as many fields as you need - without any help from IT.

  • More than a checkbox

    More than a checkbox

    Tasks let the whole team know who is doing what, by when - making responsibilities and next steps clear. Choose an assignee for clear ownership of every task so nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Personalized notifications

    Personalized notifications

    Stay ahead of updates - select the teams you want to track and how you want to be notified. See the new admit to your list before the resident tells you about it.

  • A shared patient list that teams love and IT trusts

    A shared patient list that teams love and IT trusts

    Listrunner keeps PHI encrypted and separate from your personal data and cloud services. A clinical photo taken in Listrunner will never appear in your iCloud account.

  • Keep up with your changing teams

    Keep up with your changing teams

    Control who is on the list easily from both web and mobile. Quickly add the intern who shows up for the week and remove just as fast when they leave.

You are in good company.
Join dozens of leading medical systems:

  • Robert M. Wachter, MD Department of Medicine - ‎UCSF

    Robert M. Wachter, MD Department of Medicine - ‎UCSF

    “It always astounds me when I walk into a so-called paperless hospital and immediately see residents and hospitalists carrying around pieces of paper. On them, of course, is all the stuff that the EHR doesn't help with: to-do lists, team communications, pending tests… in other words, everything that busy inpatient clinicians need to actually care for their patients effectively and efficiently. Listrunner is the best product I've seen that effectively addresses the needs of these clinicians, using modern design and technology approaches that make it easy to use and understand, right out of the box. It is the kind of innovation that will help us finally begin to extract real value from the digital revolution in healthcare.”

  • Dr. Paul Tornetta, Orthopaedics Director

    Dr. Paul Tornetta, Orthopaedics Director

    “This app has works very well for us. We use it for all of our inpatients. It allows simultaneous access, which is crucial to frequent updates. It can be used from terminal or phone/tablet and has really improved our flow and accuracy of activities. Prior to this, we had many translational errors in the daily workflow. We also use it to track outstanding tests like cultures etc, after discharge.”

  • Shanna Patterson MD

    Shanna Patterson MD

    “This application allows for extremely convenient access to & modification of the sign-out by all members of our team and seamless highly efficient transitions of care between day teams, night & weekend coverage.”

  • Dr. Jonathan Becker and Dr. Eli Pendleton MD, program director and associate program director

    Dr. Jonathan Becker and Dr. Eli Pendleton MD, program director and associate program director

    “The ListRunner platform has performed far past our expectations, though that perhaps sells it short. It is a listing solution that offers everything we've looked for, and wished for, and far surpasses any of the vastly sub-par options we've used in the past. Once we saw our residents using it, and then used it ourselves, we knew we could never go back. The fact that our entire team can use and update the list, from any device, across multiple's been a game-changer for our inpatient service.”

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