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How McGill residents made their lives easier

The general surgery residents at McGill University’s Jewish General Hospital manage nearly 200 patients each week. The group has well-established workflows and needed a tool to keep up with them...

The challenge

All doctors want tools that make their lives easier. They’d love the same convenience inside and outside of the hospital. That’s why this generation of doctors is focused on creating digital solutions to beat the EMR-burnout.

McGill University’s academic hospital, the Jewish General Hospital, has a constant turnover of off-service interns and residents in the general surgery ward. So, senior residents and staff have to orientate inexperienced team members instantly, while enabling safe oversight, and real-time updates to patient care.

Drop falling into water

As the Assoc. program director, Dr. Gabriela Ghitulescu explained: “It’s hard for every resident and every student to maintain an updated list, or to rely on someone else to print a list every morning. It’s much easier to have access to it digitally, in one place where everybody can load it from wherever they are.”

“Listrunner is the only option you can start immediately and keep your team and your patients safe.”

Dr. Gabriela Ghitulescu, Assoc. Program Director, General Surgery

There had to be a solution… Everyone had a smartphone, but texting didn’t give a cohesive picture. The already-overloaded senior staff found text updates were intrusive and didn’t reach the entire group. Residents tried keeping a list, but consumer options were unwieldy. MS Word documents didn’t update in real-time; Google docs lacked hospital approval and didn’t run well on smartphones.

“I check updates to my patient list on my phone, first thing with my morning coffee, to see what's happened overnight.”

Dr. Carol-Ann Vasilevsky, Director Colon and Rectal Surgery

The solution

The Listrunner patient sign-out app is a simple and secure app for hospital-based teams to coordinate staff and their patients.

Once McGill residents found Listrunner, they got started right away. Because the software was secure, approved, and easy to customize, it was a low-risk, intuitive solution—and instantly adopted.

No IT or funding approval was required. They tested the free trial, attendings and junior staff both approved it, and they implemented it within a day!

“Listrunner is the first clinical software that made my life easier. I needed better software to do my job properly, for my own sanity, and to keep track of junior staff. Residents, this is an easy win for you and your senior staff!”

Dr. Carol-Ann Vasilevsky, Director Colon and Rectal Surgery

The results

Listrunner can safely coordinate care to improve patient outcomes and alleviate resident burnout.

Get started right away, it's always free for clinical teams!

  1. Customize it to your existing workflow — even the printouts
  2. Assign tasks to junior staff so nothing gets forgotten
  3. Allow attendings to check patient updates from home
  4. Transfer patients to nearby teams, and all the information goes with them

Change is tough in hospitals. We know. The Listrunner team has helped over 10,000 clinicians in over 1,000 sites transform their sign-out. We know how to make it easy!

About McGill University Health Center

McGill is one of the most respected medical institutions in Canada. Located in Montreal, McGill University’s 637-bed academic hospital Jewish General Hospital is one of the largest and busiest acute care centres in the region. Each year, the hospital sees more than 67,000 emergency room visits, 23,000 admitted patients, and 300,000 outpatients.

About Listrunner

Hundreds of hospitals and thousands of clinicians use Listrunner to securely track over a half-a-million patients – for free! Listrunner is a HIPAA-compliant alternative to Google Drive, Evernote, email and text. PHI is encrypted end-to-end, securely stored, and audited.

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